RGB Protocol Documentation

RGB is a protocol developed in order to enforce digital rights in form of contracts and assets in a scalable and private manner leveraging Bitcoin consensus rules and operations.

This guide targets the broader technical audience willing to understand in depth the RGB protocol, from its theoretical foundations rooted in Client-side Validation and Single-use Seals to the more core features of State Transitions and Contract Structure. The relevant terms and concepts will be introduced step by step and they will be referenced to external material in case more detailed study by non computer science audience is needed.

Table of Contents

Distributed Computing Concepts

Commitment Layer

RGB State and Operations

RGB Contract Implementation

RGB over Lightning Network



The production of this documentation has been sponsored by Bitfinex and the material provided is mostly based on a 3-days full-immersion seminar on RGB Protocol held by Maxim Orlovsky at the Tuscany Lightning Bootcamp in October 2023.

Videos: https://planb.network/en/courses/rgb/1/1

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